Jesus Saves Mission – The 80s

The highlight of 1980 in the history of JSM must have been its hosting of the World Congress of Fundamentalists (16-23 Nov). For the occasion JSM raised a 120-strong choir, with many of the choir members also serving as hosts/hostesses to the Congress delegates. That week saw many friendships made which proved permanent. Immediately after the Congress, Dr. Bob Jones III conducted a few nights of evangelistic meetings, challenging sinners to be saved and saints to be strengthened. Rev. Stephen Koe, Rev. Matthew Koo and Rev. James Tan were also ordained that week.

The 120-strong choir at the World Congress of Fundamentalists. Conducting the choir was Miss Gloria Ng while Mrs Elizabeth Ng accompanied on the piano.
Bible Study in Kerjulu, Kenya. Missioner John Okoth Nondi is 4th from left.

1981 was an eventful year in the history of JSM. Rev. Dr. Peter Ng embarked on a 3-month long deputation tour which led to the opening of JSM Kenya, and JSM UK. While JSM Kenya closed down after about 2 years due to the lack of workers, JSM UK in Belfast flourished under the leadership of Rev. Eric Smyth and is now an independent self-supporting church.

Rev. Eric Smyth, pastor of JSM Belfast, and wife Frances

1981 was also the year when JSM Singapore acquired a bus,
which thus began the JSM “bus evangelism” which saw busloads of JSMers in various outreach ministries. The first JSM station at Craig Road closed down that year, its premises being acquired by the government for redevelopment. The Craig Road congregation continued to meet at Bukit Ho Swee, a few miles away on the other side of town. It was also that year when Rev. Tang Tuck Keong and Miss Liew Kwai Fong, our free-lance missioner, returned from BJU each with an MA in Bible.

JSM bus evangelism — probably outside the Vietnamese Refugee Camp at Hawkins Road, circa 1981.

The next few years were a time of trying and testing for JSM Singapore. We were under heavy attack from the devil. SOM closed down in early 1982. By September both the Bukit Ho Swee and Circuit Road stations were also closed down. Until we obtained our present premises in 1985, the JSM office was located at Boat Quay along the Singapore River while JSMers met in small groups all over the island.

Rev. James Tan and family (circa 1985).

1982 was also the year when the Lord opened the door for Rev. Dr. Peter Ng to minister to the poor blacks in Birmingham, Alabama, USA (Mt. 10:23). (The care of JSM Singapore was handed over to Rev. James Tan.) That was the beginning of JSM USA. Among those who had served there were Rev. Peter Guerrieri and family and Miss Josephine Tay, whose pure and holy life and Godly zeal and courage endeared herself to many there. (She was called home to be with the Lord in 1986.)

In 1984 Rev. Dr. Paul Choo was ordained and appointed assistant pastor of JSM Singapore, a post he held until 1987 when he left to start his own church in the heart of downtown Singapore.

1985 was a significant year for JSM. After several years without a proper church site, JSM Singapore moved from Boat Quay to its present premises (Association Building, Lorong 16 Geylang). For the first time, all members of JSM Singapore are gathered in one location.

Those wandering years — Rev. Tang Tuck Keong preaching during Worship Service in a member’s house, circa 1984.
Group photograph taken at the car park of Association Building, Lorong 16 Geylang, circa 1987.
Rev. Dr. Peter Ng (left) with Dr. Antolin Zamar (right), who introduced us to the ministry in the Philippines.
JSM Kindergarten in Cebu, Philippines, in the Pasil slums.

In 1986, JSM was introduced to the ministry in the Philippines. As a continuation of SOM, the International School of Missions (ISOM) was also started in the Philippines with the help of Dr Antolin Zamar and many others. Rev. Dr. Peter Ng took on the role as the President of ISOM, with the work at JSM Alabama being handed over to Rev. Peter Guerrieri.

In that year also, Rev. Daniel Khoo, BTh (SOM), felt called to serve in Taiwan. He served for about 10 years in Liu Pao (Six Treasures)Baptist Church before returning to Singapore where he is
currently the Associate Pastor (Chinese Services) at the New Life Bible-Presbyterian Church.

In 1989, Rev. Dr. Peter Ng was requested to resume pastorship of JSM Singapore as Rev James Tan felt led to start another church on his own. (Rev. Tan’s church is currently just a few streets away from JSM Singapore.)

Rev. Daniel Khoo (extreme left) and family with some of their converts during their youth camp in 1987

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