Jesus Saves Mission – The 70s

The 70’s saw the local JSM stations being inculcated to become self-supporting, self-governing, and self-propagating. Outreaches
were continued and discipleship emphasised. Yet another JSM station started in Tanjung Bungah in Penang on 25 July 1970. In 1971 Indonesia was surveyed and a missionary burden was conceived. JSM contributed to the ministry to the Dyak people with a boat and to the Christian school there with a piece of land.

JSM Annual Workers’ Conference 1971 at JSM Tanjung Bungah, Penang

SOM graduation 1978. Rev. Dr. Peter Ng (left) posing with SOM’s first 3 BTh’s. Rev. Matthew Koo is second from the right.

The Bob Jones Memorial School of Missions (SOM) was inaugurated on 17 January 1972, with 13 students. Its main purpose was to train up workers to serve amongst the poor and in the slums. A tough daily schedule of 4-hour prayer, 4-hour academics, and 4-hour practical Christian living, combined with a weekend of outreach activities made their lives full. Among the early SOMers include Rev. Matthew Koo, the pastor in charge of the Chinese-speaking congregation in Singapore, Rev. Stephen Koe, pastor of Penang JSM, and Miss Goh Geok Ling, a missioner based in Singapore.)

1972 also saw the beginning of JSM Korea with Rev. Kim Min Bum reaching out and bringing Korean refugees in the JSM tent church. Through much prayer and sacrifice, JSM Korea grew very quickly and became independent very soon.

Rev. Kim Min Bum preaching in a JSM tent church

Missioner Esther Cheong, SOM graduate, in the slums of Bong Chang Dong in Korea
Dr. Bob Jones Jr visiting JSM Craig Road, 1978.
Friday overnight prayer at the top of Mount Faber, Singapore, circa 1979.

JSM started in India in 1974 when missioner Faith Teoh went to Madras. That year also saw the founder of JSM being conferred a D.D. degree from Bob Jones University as well as a place in the university’s Board of Trustees.

In 1975 SOMers began missionary trips to various parts of Malaysia during their vacation breaks, reaching out to non-Malays/Muslims with the Gospel. They learned to live by faith, braving the unknown to sow the Gospel seed and to strengthen their converts.

In 1976 Rev. Dr. Peter Ng was invited by 80 churches in the US to preach within 3 months! By God’s grace, he introduced JSM to them and coveted their prayers. He was also invited to preach at the BJU Bible Conference (April 1-3) and to deliver a paper entitled “Fundamentalist and Missions” at the First World Congress of
Fundamentalists in Edinburgh (June 15-22).

In 1978, JSM thought it wise to present a well-reasoned, Scriptural and theological case on Biblical separation. It was meant to be an exercise of polemics in defence of Scriptural truth and the position of Biblical Separation as opposed to compromise (Eze. 33:1-16).

Christmas Carolling 1979 — Bringing the story of Christmas to unsaved relatives and friends of JSMers.

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