Jesus Saves Mission (JSM) is a faith missionary organisation committed to evangelising, discipling, and church-planting amongst the poor. It is fundamental in doctrine, separatist in stand, inter-denominational in cooperation, and international in operation. Following the Lord, JSM targets and ministers to the total man in all his need both physical, educational, social and spiritual. JSM draws inspiration, imprint of its ministry from the Lord’s Galilean ministry (Mt. 9:35-38).

We have projected to reach the poor masses of millions around the world through setting up regional ISOMs (International School of Missions). Our prayer is that all JSM stations around the world will grow and mature into self-supporting, self-governing and self-propagating separatist fundamental local churches.

In 17 Jan 1972, the Bob Jones Memorial School of Missions (SOM) was founded to train, equip and prepare young soldiers of Christ for the slum ministry. It started with 13 students, and the number grew quickly to 28 students in 1973. 1974 saw the first batch of SOM graduates: Faith Teoh, Eunice Leong and Ruth Chew.

SOM graduates

SOMers reaching out

International School of Mission, Philippines

Slums in Cebu, Philippines

In 1986, the evangelistic potential of Philippines became apparent, the International School of Missions (ISOM) in Cebu City was established to continue the former SOM. Rev. Tang Tuck Keong was the first Academic Dean of ISOM. Rev. Tang Ah Chang and Rev. David Ang are the President and Vice President of ISOM respectively.

ISOMers are sent to minister in the slums. Graduates of ISOM are scattered across Philippines and setting up churches in various places, including Butuan, Cagayan De Oro, Mindanao, Panglao and Olangopo.

School of Mission, Pune, India

The School of Mission, Pune, India was set up in 2007. It seeks to educate and train godly men and woman who aspire to be missionary pioneers, evangelists, church-planters, pastors, children and youth workers, etc., and are specially called to serve as missioners to slum folks. It endeavors to train and develop the whole man into a missionary, who in turn can help others to be missionaries too.

SOMers regularly travel around and minister among the slum, conducting Sunday Schools for children and Bible Studies and Worship Services.

Slums in Pune, India