The primary source of biblical knowledge must be through/from the Bible. Such knowledge cannot be replaced by any Christian literature. However, there is a place for good Christian books and articles. C.S. Lewis once said: “The world does not need more Christian literature. What it needs is more Christians writing good literature.” Thankfully, God has raised up godly man to pen very good Christian books. By His grace, we will be able to sit at the feet of some of these great Christian teachers and minds over the centuries that we may increase in the knowledge of our good Lord through their lenses.


  1. “An Analysis And Evaluation Of The Separatist Position”, Eng Hoe Ng, Master Thesis, Dallas Theological Seminary, 1962.
  2. “From Eden To Patmos: An Overview Of Biblical History”, Timothy W. Berrey, 2015, ISBN 1522750894.
  3. “Morning and Evening” (e-book), C.H. Spurgeon.
  4. “Foxe’s Book of Martyrs” (e-book), John Foxe.
  5. “In His Steps” (e-book), Charles M. Sheldon.
  6. “Imitation of Christ” (e-book), Thomas A Kempis.


  1. Immeasurable Love (John 3:16)“, Sermon by C.H. Spurgeon.
  2. “All-for-Jesus” – Remembering Rev Dr Peter Ng Eng Hoe – A compilation of Eulogies of the late Founding Pastor of Jesus Saves Mission.