Jesus Saves Mission – The 90s

Throughout the 90s ISOM played an important role in training missionaries to work amongst the poor. Many of the ISOM graduates have since gone independent and set up their
own churches.

In July 1990, JSM organised a delegation of about 25 from various fundamentalist churches in Singapore to participate in the World Congress of Christian Fundamentalists in London. Most of the delegates also went on a tour of the Holy Land en-route to London from Singapore. The trip was organised and co-ordinated largely by a committee of 4 who preferred to remain anonymous. Till this day, many who went still have fond memories of the trip.

In 1991, about 20 members of JSM Singapore attended the First Asian-Pacific Congress of Christian Fundamentalists in Manila, Philippines. Besides the congress sessions in the afternoons and evenings, they also visited the various ministries to the slums in the Philippines.

Pre-Congress Holy Land Tour. Jerusalem can be seen in the background.
Part of the JSM delegation at the Asian-Pacific Congress of Christian Fundamentalists.

The slums of Manila — outside the Resettlement Baptist Fellowship.

In 1994 JSM Singapore enlarged its premises by acquiring one of its immediate neighbours. This allowed for a larger worship hall, a larger church office, and a proper nursery, facilities that had hitherto been sorely lacking.

In February 1997, JSM Korea, now called Un Seok Presbyterian Church, celebrated its 20th anniversary. A delegation of about 15 JSMers aged from 3 to over 60 were invited to participate in the week-long celebrations. Such was the warmth of Korean hospitality that the delegates feared they would never be able to reciprocate.

The JSM choir seen here with Rev. Kyle Paisley (son of Rev. Dr. Ian Paisley) on the extreme left, Rev. Brian Green (extreme right), and Dr. Bob Jones Jr.
(front row, second from right), during the JSM Revival Conference Camp held at Life Bible-Presbyterian Church, June 1996. Choir Mistress Miss Gloria Ng is third from left.

Un Seok Church choir and instrumentalists during their 20th anniversary celebrations.
The Singaporean delegation and their Korean hosts on a tour of the Korean Imperial palace.
Our lady ISOMers helping out in the construction work after classes.

In August 1997, JSM saw it fit to expand its ISOM operations to India. It has always been the Founding Pastor’s vision to train up workers in their respective countries. While there were many eager prospective students, a suitable faculty could not be raised up. Coupled with a host of other problems, ISOM India ceased operations after about 6 months.

In the meantime, the enrolment in ISOM Philippines continued to grow so that by 1998 the existing 2-storey building was unable to adequately accommodate its people and operations. A 3-storey extension building was built beside the existing one. Bro. Yap Pak Hiong from Evangel Bible Church, Sydney, Australia, oversaw the entire construction operation while Bro. Jacob Lim from JSM Singapore raised the funds to finance the building.

ISOMers having a picnic in one of the many caves nearby, circa 1994
It’s lessons as usual in ISOM despite the building works around.

In May 1998, a door was opened for JSM to buy over an old church building in Baltimore City at a steeply discounted price. Rev. Dr. Peter Ng purchased the place, and started ISOM USA. While the response to ISOM USA was lacklustre, the outreach work in Baltimore City had been somewhat encouraging, with many a heart-warming tale of sinners opening their hearts to the gospel. ISOM USA was closed down in 1999 and the building sold.

JSM/ISOM Baltimore located at 301 E. Fort Ave, Baltimore, MD 21230.

The economic crisis that affected Asia did not deter about 20 members of JSM Singapore from participating in the World Congress of Fundamentalists 1999 in Bob Jones University. Most of the organisation and co-ordination work was done by Dn. Silas Heng.

Over the years many have come and left. Yet many others remained. Most of those who came as Sunday School children in the earlier years now have their own families within the church. As JSM looks ahead beyond the 90’s and towards the next millennium, our prayers are that we will continue to remain faithful to the Lord and to contend earnestly for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints (Jud 3) and that we will know how to teach future generations of JSMers to do likewise.

It has been more than 35 years since JSM was founded. We have not been able to have a proper church building all this while (the current premises being 2 office units in a commercial building). While we continue to look for a church building which we can call our own, we are also mindful that even the heavens cannot contain the Lord, let alone an earthly building (1 Ki 8:27). Furthermore, we are but sojourners on this earth and we seek “for a city which hath foundations, whose builder and maker is God” (Heb 11:10).

A typical JSM-style wedding, December 1997. Like many others, this couple both came to JSM years ago as Sunday School children and are now actively serving the Lord in various ministries.
DVBS June 1999 saw an average attendance of almost 100 children each day, the highest in recent times!

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