Mission Stations

Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost” – Matt 28:19

By God’s grace, Jesus Saves Mission survived more than half a century of her history of birth, childhood, adolescence, youth and adulthood. It was a period marked by ambitious daring of faith to explore, widening of His Kingdom’s frontiers into the hearts and lives of many poor in different lands, establishing of independent fundamental, separatist local churches, and overcoming the opposition and persecutions rained upon her!

Malaysia (since 1967). Singapore JSM spearheaded into Malaysia with her first station in Kuala Lumpur on 13 June, 1967. Malaysia was and is a hard ground; but despite setbacks, new stations were planted in Penang, Ipoh and Pulau Langkawi. Malaysia JSM’s ministry is solely to non-Malays. Growth is slow, and workers are scarce. May God raise up more workers!

India (since 1974). If there is any place that needs JSM most, it is certainly India! Our workers serve in the areas of Mumbai, Pune, Khopoli, Jalgaon, Sivaji, etc., living and ministering to the slum folks diligently and sacrificially! The Nevius’ principles of self-support, self-government and self-propagation are introduced and inculcated.

North America (since 1982). JSM USA started work in Birmingham, Alabama, and then moved on to Baltimore. Now, the ministry takes place in Philadelphia, USA, where JSM missioner reaches out to old folks and the sick in nursing homes. The work in Toronto, Canada, is helmed by Rev. Joseph Ng.

Philippines (since 1986). Dr Antolin Zamer, President of Doanne Baptist Bible Church introduced JSM into the Philippines. He recommended his graduates to be our missioners for 8 stations. The Philippines is open to the Gospel and religious freedom is widely practiced and appreciated. Right now, it is the center of missions in the Far East. JSM stations in the Philippines span different places, including Labangon in Cube, Dalaguete in South Cebu, Talisay in Tangke, Butuan, Pardo, Olangapo, Dolo, Balsalan, Mindanao and Mambaling.