Jesus Saves Mission – The 60s

Craig Road Mission

Out of 20A Craig Road, Chinatown, Singapore, pealed forth the song “JESUS SAVES” sung by a hall-full of Christians gathered to witness the birth of Jesus Saves Mission! It was 8 August 1964. Rev. Peter Ng, with the help of many volunteers, had rented a haunted shophouse in a high-crime, poverty-stricken neighbourhood to reach out to the slums with the Gospel.

Daily intensive visitation began into the streets of Chinatown honey-combed with cubicles. Children’s Hour attracted many children. Tuition classes came on. Medical clinic, Kindergarten, Boys & Girls Club, Youth Fellowship were introduced. Sunday School, Worship Services, D.V.B.S. and camps followed.

On 5 Sept., 1965, the second JSM station was opened at 420 Balestier Road, Singapore. It was formerly the True Light School. A Kindergarten was started in the morning and tuition classes in the evening. Though Sunday School, Bible class, Worship Service and D.V.B.S. were introduced, response had not been too encouraging. Eventually, it was discontinued after 2 years’ operation.

Meanwhile, Craig Road JSM kept growing despite mounting opposition! The Mission buzzed like a beehive with children coming in and out all the time! Bible stories were dramatized, and there was hardly any space even for Bible Study!

A kindergarten lesson

Family camp, JSM Singapore, circa 1968

On 6 November 1966, JSM started its first station in the Macpherson area, a low-cost housing estate with a population of about 50,000. The usual JSM ministries of Kindergarten, Youth Fellowship, evangelism, Bible Study, Sunday School, Worship Service, etc. were introduced.

JSM Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, started on 13 June 1967. On 30 July that same year, JSM opened another station in Bukit Ho Swee, then a notorious gangland area.

Meanwhile, children’s work mushroomed and prospered. Faithful Kindergarten teachers such as Miss Wendy Wong brought up generations of students, some of whom have remained till this day, and have started their own families in the church!

A second Malaysian JSM station was started in 2 March 1968, on the island of Penang. That selfsame year, Rev. Peter Ng made a 5-month-long deputation tour around the world which resulted in greater support. Because of our strong militant separatist fundamentalist stand, JSM was attacked. We lost many friends but the Lord gave us better friends!

JSM Rifle Range, Penang, Malaysia, was founded on 19 July 1969. Taiwan JSM started on 22 May 1969 with Dr. A. B. Dodd’s help.

BHS station, 1967

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